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This page was last updated: August 12, 2015
Preventative Maintenance
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LaPenna Contracting's Standard Generator Maintenance includes the following:

Change Lube oil and standard filters
Change standard fuel filters
Check coolant protection level (if applicable)
Check electrolyte level of battery
Check wiring at engine, battery connections, and cables
Hydrometer test battery
Load test battery
Clean and lubricate battery posts and cables
Check operation of battery charging equipment
Check for exhaust leaks and corrosion
Check belts and adjust if necessary
Check air cleaner; replace if necessary
Check piping and hose connection
Check voltage regulator; adjust if necessary
Check all instruments, lamps, fuses, & meters for proper operation.
Check timers & relays for proper operation.  Check all connections for tightness
Check transfer switch operation and time delays where applicable.
Start and run engine unloaded  - check temperature and pressures.  (At customer’s request and in his presence, transfer load to generator set and make adjustments if needed.) 

LaPenna Contracting also provides maintenance services for your commercial and industrial machinery, including